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Comprised of 82 lots, this senior living community is known and respected as a premier living community in Belton. Founder Tim Savage wanted Lazy Acres to be recognized as a "new view on manufactured home living" and he worked tirelessly to see his dream realized. 

Residents often come to Lazy Acres to escape the characterless confines of the typical mobile home and trailer park lot. Our 82 beautifully-landscaped lots at Lazy Acres offer a new beginning in a close community of friends.

Lazy Acres is a friendly community of vibrant, engaging adults who are more like family than neighbors. In our community, residents can be as active or as private as they like. Our streets are low traffic and often used by residents for walking—especially when the weather is nice! Neighbors are quick to greet you along the way and have a friendly chat.


Residents may choose to modify their manufactured home to fit their personal tastes or needs. Many of our residents choose to build a covered outdoor deck or seating area, while others may choose to focus their decorating interests on the inside of their homes. Residents have the option to add approved landscaping to create an inviting and visually appealing yard.

Our premier 55+ senior living community is part of an inviting landscape of attractions, parks, organizations, and community services located near Kansas City, Missouri. One constant among our residents is the fact that neighbors quickly become friends. The community hosts regular group events and social gatherings at our private clubhouse. Whether it’s the monthly pot-luck dinner or game night, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbors and feel like a welcome part of the community.

At Lazy Acres you have the freedom to follow an independent lifestyle while not having to worry about who will mow the grass, rake the leaves or shovel the walk when it snows—it’s already taken care of. Our community has the comfortable, leisurely feel of a small town—without all the yard work!

Come take a drive through Lazy Acres today – or call us for a personal tour! You’ll see how well-maintained lawns, ample street lights, private parking and friendly, waving neighbors help define an independent retirement community.

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